14th Annual Ressler Update

Welcome to the 14th Annual Ressler update.  


If you wondered, did we skip directly from the 12th annual Ressler update to the 14th annual Ressler update?  The answer is yes for a couple reason 1) all the cool hotels skip floor 13 and 2) last year I didn’t quite feel up for the update.


But never fear, we are back.  And no, we haven’t moved on to just a postcard photo collage of my kids (although my wife would love to do it – so send me your address and she will make it happen next year).  


So let’s get on with it – what was new in the world of Ressler in 2018?


As I get older, the year behaves more and more like a work quarterly planning – using work-parlance:
-Q1 – annual March Madness trip with high school buddies (Nashville was great in 2018, Louisville here we come)

-Q2 – annual family Spring Break trip in Seven Springs with my mom, sister, and nephew and nice – bowling and pool galore.

-Q3 – late summer vacation when Adrian’s daycare closes for a week. We went big and chose a family-tradition destination: Yellowstone. The whole crew was joined by my Spanish mother-in-law and Spanish nephew. The trip had some ‘fun’ moments that included trying to smuggle in Adrian on to the airplane without a seat even though he’s overage (#travelagentfail)

-Q4 – Thanksgiving once again was great in Richmond with my Dad and step-mom Jackie and step-sister Megan’s family + Christmas with my mom and sister Sarah’s crew.


But don’t worry there’s no quarterly metric color coding (green/yellow/red) of my life quite yet.


The kids are a fun age (Adrian is 3 and Nico is 6) where they are (finally!) starting to play together (Nico is Adrian’s hero), asking for pets (on round 3 of fish but “Swimmy” is still alive 7 months post-adoption) and Nico is obsessed with yelling “shake your booty” for unclear reasons.  Eli continues to enjoy her job running the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at GWU where she has her 3rd cohort of students, continues to move and shake in DC Hispanic power circles, and we get to go to the Congressional swearing-in ceremony of her Institute’s namesake in January. Plus, after a trying 2018, I’m happy to say both my mom and dad are in much better health.

On the work front, I transitioned at the beginning of 2018 from my previous role as President, GovLoop and CMO, Granicus.  After nearly 10 years from founding GovLoop, it’s always a little hard to leave your baby but it could not be in better hands with my trusted partner for all those years Doug Mashkuri; and I get to continued to help as an advisor.  After the transition, I joined forces with my good friend Chris Bennett at the company he founded Callyo, a fast-growing law enforcement software based in St Pete, FL. While it is a little ironic that we now live in DC and I fly to Tampa Bay after years of doing the reverse, it’s been awesome to go back to a smaller size organization (~30 person team), work with a really fun talented group, and get back to my semi-law enforcement roots (does working in IT at DHS and ICE count?).


It’s been another good year of travel ranging from multiple trips to St Pete (awesome town), Miami, Paris (thanks Kevin for inviting me to the OECD), San Fran (twice including the apocalyptic fire with masks in the streets), Minnesota (in December still?), Phoenix (in summer still?), and more.


I’m not quite sure that my “what’s hot” and “what’s not” list is quite the mover like Oprah’s favorite things or Obama’s favorite entertainment list but I’ll still pretend I’m a tastemaker.  Items I’m into this year are new nerdy business investment opportunities (opportunity zones and search funds are two favs), my daily Compass coffee, my 2 minute workout routine (abridged 7 minute workout as that’s too long), MealPal ($6 daily lunches), tons of podcast listening (favs including Bill Simmons, Invest Like the Best, Slow Burn), taking Adrian on metro every day, going to random high school basketball games with Nico, and Netflix-ing (Bodyguard and Narcos were clear winners).  Items I’m not: SodaStream (despite my wife’s attempts to make my sparking water addition more environmentally friendly, I still prefer the old school bottles), NFL (don’t think I’ve watched one game this year), my Kindle (going back to buying print books), and too many middle seats on airplanes due to scattered airline flying strategy.


It’s always great to catch up with friends.  Eli & I have been back settled in DC for 4 years now and we’ve been up in Woodley Park area last couple years. Traveling through DC?  Hit me up and would be great to catch-up. In DC? No excuses – let’s try to grab a coffee, lunch, or beer.


Steve Ressler

Cell: 202 445 0084

Email: sressler at gmail dot com

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